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Find : Diameter of central Bull's Eye of diffractive multifocal IOL and to which focal point this light is dedicated to

Objective: This tool helps you to find following things:

  1. What is the true size of the diameter of the central bull's eye of the diffractive multifocal IOL

  2. Where is the light passing through the bull's eye dedicated to

How to Use:

A. Enter the add power of the diffractive IOL

B. Enter the wavelength of light ( usually 550 or 555 nm of light is the industry standard)


  1. A diffractive multifocal IOL of 3.75 add power claiming its central bull's eye zone to be .769 should dedicate light to the distance. If the same diffractive multifocal IOL of add 3.75 add power claims a bull's eye zone of 1.088, then any light passing through this zone will have to be dedicated to the intermediate.

2. A diffractive multifocal IOL of add 3.75 claims that the central bull's eye is dedicated to the distance. If this is so then the bull's eye diameter will be .769. If the same company claims that the bull's eye is dedicated to intermediate, then the diameter of this zone is 1.088.


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