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Calculating Optical Biometry Aconstant from contact/applanation ultrasound Aconstant

For those who have been doing contact based ultrasound biometry and now moving to optical biometry, the biggest concern is what would be the IOL constant for optical biometry based on the contact biometry aconstant that you have been using so long.

With this tool, you can easily calculate what would be your new optical biometry aconstant based on your personal/optimized contact/applanation based ultrasound biometry aconstant.

This is because you do not want to start with manufacturer provided optical aconstant that is derived theoretically without any clinical consideration, while you have already a time tested contact/applanation based aconstant which have been giving results for so long in your hands, right? So here is tool that will help you to leverage your experience with contact ultrasound biometry aconstant and find out what would be the new optical biometry aconstant.


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