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Biometry Validation Tool

This is a detailed tool that incorporates

1. Biometry validation based on two eye biometry reading

2. Angle Kappa and Angle Apha calculator for multifocal IOL selection

3. Post operative ACD validation based on predicted ACD in case of refractive surprise

4. Pseudophakic Axial length validation in case of refractive surprise

5. Axial length calculatiion for silicone eyes.

A detailed explanation of how to use this tool is given in the article Explaining Biometry Validation for premium IOL selection ( )


To work as a tool to validate data for premium IOL patient selection

1. Input two eye AL, Keratometry readings and other data that you have.

2. Validates AL, Keratometry of both eyes according to biometry rules.

3. You donot need to remember Standard Deviations, the tool remembers for you and applies to give you a caution

4. Optimizes very high axial length to Wang & Koch optimized Axial Length values ( it has integrated W&K nomogram and you do not need to hunt for one )

5. It validates the Pupil and Iris barycenters for multifocal lenses (with integrated builtin formulas).

6 Provides you colour codes so that your biometrician and optometrists are aware when out of bound values are keyed in.

7. Works as an excellent tool for multifocal IOL and Toric lenses patient pre selection.

  • Idea and design Refractive Outcome Analyzer_V2.0 by Published on 21st June, 2020 replacing V1.0 published in this website before.

  • For more information on the simple excel tool :

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