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Design Factor of IOLs for Barrett formula

Here are the suggested Design Factors of some common Intra Ocular Lenses for the Barrett Universal formula. If you are looking for Lens Factor (LF) for Barrett Universal II formula, then click on

The design factor or DF of the Barrett Universal formula indicates when the IOL optic transforms from a biconvex design to a meniscus shape in case of low power IOLs. For example, in case of Alcon AcrySof lens, the IOL powers of 6 to 34 diopters are biconvex in design. All lens power below 6 diopter are available in meniscus design on the Acrysof platform (MA60MA). Therefore the DF or design factor of Alcon AcrySof lenses are 5. That is from this all lenses above this model are biconvex in design.


Need to know design factor of your IOL? Send me your IOL features and get to know the Design Factor (for members only):

  1. IOL power range

  2. IOL design (Biconvex, meniscus) for the power range.


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