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Bascis of Phacoemulsification(Video) - Part III

In Part III of Basics of Phaco series we look into phaco energy delivery modalities like Continuous power and Pulse mode. If you have not viewed Part I and Part II of Basics of Phaco series, please see those before you turn on to Part III. Do not forget to subscribe.


Correction in the video 20pps with 30% ontime would amount to 35ms of off time and not 45ms. The maths is 50ms-15ms=35ms and not 45 ms as stated in the video. If you have noticed it already, I would congratulate you for comprehending the topic well ! Kudos !

Here in Part III of Basics of Phaco series, we talk about different forms of energy delivery modalities available with phaco machines - Continuous, Pulse, Burst ( Burst will be discussed in Part IV ).

A correction: The off time with 20pps and 30% on time is wrongly shown as 45ms (50-15=45) and should be considered as 35ms (50--15=35).


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