Barrett A Constant to Lens Factor conversion and Design Factor

Here is the list of A constant to Lens Factor Conversion. Please remember all constants help you to fine tune the ELP/IOL Power in terms of where the IOL is sitting and how far it is sitting from the Cornea ( A constant in SRK T ), from the Iris Plane ( Surgeon Factor in Holladay I ), or the IOL principal refraction plane from the Iris Plane ( Lens Factor in Barrett Universal II ). The Vivinex XY1/XY1A is not updated as on date. However the Barrett Universal Online Calculator displays a Lens Factor of 2.0 against the optical A constant of 119.23 as on June 2019 For a detailed list of Lens Factor against A Constant for those using the Barrett Formula -

Credit : Zeiss IOL Master 700 Barret Suite