Spherical Aberration in High Myopia Patients

A study in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery "Analysis of corneal higher-order

aberrations in cataract patients with high myopia by Min Zhang, BM, Qinghe Jing, MM, Jiahui Chen, BM, Yongxiang Jiang, MD, PhD, throw some light on the interesting subject - does high myopia patients have a difference in HOA compared to an average patient ?

Some important points from the study are quite revealing -

1. In the group with normal eyes, only 2% of the patients ( 3 of 144 patients) with senile cataract were reported to have negative spherical aberration of the anterior corneal surface

2. No high myopia patient were reported to have negative spherical aberration, either of the anterior cornea or the total cornea.

From this perspective, the authors observe that the need for correction of spherical aberration in high myopia patients is confirmed. The authors further conclude that it is reasonable for surgeons to choose negative spherical aberration correction lenses during cataract surgery.

In this study no correlation was found between HOA and increasing amounts of Axial Length. However, this study confirms the relationship between age and HOA.

Cataract surgeons implanting negative spherical aberration lenses to provide asphericity of total eye post cataract surgery, should find comfort in continuing to choose negative spherical aberration lenses across all spectrum of patients, specially high myopia patients, in the absence of individualized determination of spherical aberration prior to cataract surgery.


The study can be referenced at : J Cataract Refract Surg 2018; 44:1482–1490 Q2018 ASCRS and ESCRS

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