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Aconstant, ACD,SF of some common Indian


Average values of Cornea Table

ACD,AL,Lens growth in children Table

Bag vs Sulcus IOL Power adjustment

Biometry for Cataract - Applying Maths to Biology

Common Topography Indices

Centroid SIA - The Why & What 

Centroid SIA Calculation - ASCRS Tool 

Corneal Layers at a glance

Duke Elder Chart for Lower Order Aberration and its impact on vision

Keratoconus Indices

Quick Links to Useful Informative sites

Quick Links to TORIC Calculators

Holladay conversion Table

High Myopic patients and Spherical Aberration (study)

Optical Biometry Latest Constants Link 

Optical Biometry validation

Pupil Test - A Key Element in Multifocal IOL Candidacy

Cause & Effect of Spherical Aberration

Thinking beyond a Keratometer

The Lighthouse and Genesis of modern Multifocal IOL

The Mystery of the Near Vision with Presbyopia correction IOL

The Science behind Diffractive IOL

Understanding Astigmatism beyond the rugby ball

Using Ultrasound Biometer for new age formula

Negative Dysphotopsia

Wang & Koch Optimization for Myopic Axial Length

Vision conversion Metrics

............& many more